Kontula Electronic Festival will be held for the third time at the third weekend of April (20-22.4.2018). The concrete, charming milieu of the old run-down shopping mall will provide the backdrop and playground for the festival of electronic music, performance & fine arts and diverse food culture.

This year the event spreads to Kontula's bars and nightclubs as well as the local church, library, skateboard hall, swimming hall, metro and the near surroundings.

In 2018, the Festival will again offer versatile and uncompromising coverage of domestic and foreign electronic music artists and bands. The headliners are internationally acclaimed and renowned, such as highly appraised and prized sound artist Mira Calix (UK); a New Yorker underground pioneer from the 70's, Lary7 (USA); the crown prince of the new Batida-sound of Lisbon, Firmeza (POR); as well as the seedy and dirty electron emitters of Finnish electronic music on their long-awaited return tour, Imatran Voima. 

In addition, there will be a whole range of special concerts: Synthestra is a symphony orchestra of monophonic synthesizers, playing a specially composed score for Kontula Electronic, performing in the Kontula Skate Hall, conducted by the festival's artistic director Jimi Tenor.


Great Barrier Reef, by Toisissa Tiloissa Collective, is an eco-concerned show for all ages, will be having its opening night at Kontula. In the performance people construct the largest – highly endangered – Great Barrier Reef and oerganize a silent demonstration. 

At the Mikaelinkirko church there will be the premiere of the minimalist works composed for choral music and and an instrument built from hard drive engines. 

The Kontula Spoken Word takes control of Hima Bar, where artists from the region and elsewhere read poems in Arabic, Russian and Finnish.

Modular synthesizer workshops are being offered by Oodi Modulaari and Tohu Bohu, and so everyone has the opportunity to build their own sound labs. 

There will be improvised ambient music at the swimming hall and the subway metro, when  the Lovi-collective and Ryteikön lapset are massaging people with their sound waves. 

Other performers include: Sushi Jugend, Lauri Ainala, Kaukolampi, Esko Routamaa, Hannu Karjalainen, WMNWM, Milk DJ's, Mono Junk, Half A Map, Sekret Teknik, Vuosikasetit, TT_SKTLS, Helsinki Techno Bros, Kontula Club Luuppi, Adinkras, Sini, Satanoid, Rad, Alien Sound Development, K_W, Toysequencer, Amon Düde, Grateful Däd, Himmee Kipinä & Elsa Tölli, Tuntematon Xii56ab07, Deuce & Ace, Inka Upendo, Desto, Ström, Missstiff, DJ Heidi Mari and Kasumisu. 

There is a parallel festival, Food-Kontula, at where local restaurants present their treats.